Your Guide

IMG_2955           Gene Chapman         is a legend in this region of the country.

Having won countless awards & contests across the country. His track record speaks for itself. Gene knows both Beaver Lake and the White River like the back of his hand. For the past 26 years he has been guiding fishermen in these beautiful Northwest Arkansas waters. His clients will attest not only to his fishing expertise, but also his story filled entertainment that would make any fishing tour an adventure to remember

Whether you normally just watch  fish  in an aquarium or you’re a seasoned pro with many a tale, Gene Chapman with Beaver Guide Service can help you find ‘The Bite’ you’re looking for. With over 30 years experience, Gene is accomplished at providing his guests with unique, pleasant and professional fishing adventures both on Beaver Lake or on the White River.  Actually, Beaver Lake and the White River are the same thing since the lake is formed  by the Beaver Dam constructed by the Army Corp. of Engineers from 1960-1966.  Behind the dam, the White River flows into Beaver Lake over 30 miles to the west so by the time the water has made it all the way  to the Dam, the  river sediment has had time to settle out often making visibility at this end of Beaver a full 20 feet or more.  Below the dam, the cool, clear, lake water from the bottom is continuously released into the next section of the White River making it an ideal habitat for trout and white bass.

Each body of water provides its own unique fishing experience, and Gene is familiar with how to make the best out of either environment.  So how does it work?  Well, since the goal here is to catch fish, you will need to go fishing when and where the fish are biting and that usually means in the very early morning around dawn. Other times of the year, especially in July and August, the fish are best caught at night after the recreational boat traffic has cleared out.  When and where you go fishing will  depend on what you’re wanting to catch and what the fish are doing. Keep in mine that an experienced professional fisherman knows when the best time and places are for productive results, and this may not be your ideal time, but it is the fishes…..